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Nicole Brzyski

Freelance Writer

Nicole Brzyski is a freelance writer who has experience writing for a variety of mediums and various clients, including entrepreneurs and small businesses. Nicole has been freelance writing since 2017, but her professional writing experience began many years prior. She has worked in various roles in different cities in the US, where she had gained knowledge in writing and communications. 

Before working as a freelance writer, Nicole Brzyski began her professional career after attending university. Nicole is a graduate of Seton Hall University, which is a private university located in New Jersey. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Nicole had initially planned to attend law school after graduation, but the effects of the recession pushed her into a new career path. 

Nicole Brzyski began working in marketing at an association marketing firm that required her to work with clients in Washington DC and New York City. She was accountable for the daily operations for trade association clients in offices located in these two cities. Nicole Brzyski was responsible for the day-to-day operations of trade associations as well as helping these associations, professional organizations, and nonprofit organizations grow their memberships. Nicole also worked closely with these clients to help them to become thought leaders in their industries. While in this role, Nicole Brzyski was a member of the New York Women in Communications not-for-profit organization, which works to help women throughout their entire career in communications. Nicole served as the Membership Director for one year and was able to meet many different talented women in the industry.

After spending a few years living and working in these cities, Nicole Brzyski decided to move out of the city environment and into the suburbs. Once she moved, Nicole began working as a marketing communications manager in New Jersey. There, she was responsible for drafting and reviewing marketing content for over 300 independently owned companies worldwide. Her daily tasks included writing content that was used for various outlets such as print and digital marketing campaigns and advertising. Nicole Brzyski also wrote copy for public relations efforts and social media.  One of the more significant tasks Nicole completed was writing and editing the company’s national blog, which had over one million visitors. Her daily work supported the growth of her writing skills and helped her to make the decision for the next step in her career.

In 2017, Nicole Brzyski decided to branch out and begin working in the freelance world. She realized that she is skilled in writing about different topics, including those which she had no prior knowledge. Nicole created her own website and began doing work for clients that were typically entrepreneurs or small businesses. Her clients hired her to create articles, blogs, or other website content, which she had become an expert on at her previous job. Nicole Brzyski has also designed and built websites and drafted and done the layout for infographics and brochures. Throughout her career, Nicole has also become well-versed in various aspects of technology and online platforms used for content sharing.